Damián Nueva is a bassist and contrabassist. Currently living in Paris he was born in Cuba in a musician’s familly, he starts to learn percussion from a very young age until he discovers the bass at the age of 13 and his first mentor Orlando López « Cachaito ». He then enters Alejandro Garcí a Caturla School and later Cuba’s National School of Art.

Meanwhile, he devellops his playing though varied projects such as Oscar Valdés’s afro-latin Orchestra, previously part of “Irakere”. He also works with “la compagnie de ballet et de flamenco Litz Alfonso” during 4 years, which lead Damian to play on stages like Broadway, and Chicago Theater. In the meantime he also creates his own project with « Espiritual », around Regis Molina (saxophone), Harold Lopéz Nussa (piano), Ruy Adrián Lopéz Nussa (drums) et Mauricio Guitérrez (percussion), thanks to what he will have the pleasure to take part to the Jazz Plaza festival in Havana.

Eventually, he becomes part of the band Mezcla created and lead by guitarist Pablo Menéndez, and will then be part of Equis Alfonso, co-writer of  Habana Blues soundtrack which received a Goya.

All along his musical career, Damian works with various artists such as Bobby Carcasses , Roberto Fonseca, Chuchito Valdés, Jesús Rubalcaba, etc. Before moving to Paris, he stays in Madrid  for two years where he will also work with Alba Molina, Andreas Lutz, África Gallego, Victor Navarrete, Ogun Afrobeat.

He finds, inspiration through varied influences like afro-cubans rythms, but also in jazz, funk and soul, which alows him to work in varied and eclectic project.

Collaborations : Netflix series The EDDY , Glen Ballard, Didier Lockwood , Oum , Roberto Fonseca , John Legend , David Murray , Dimitri Naiditch, Ayo , Z-Star , Flo rida, Irving Acao , Gregory Privat , Charlotte Wassy , La escucha interior , Sabrina Romero , Francis Lockwood.